Launch of Global Development

Dear Friends,
In June, I sent out an exciting announcement about the launch of Global Development, Inc. Global Development is a non-profit ministry that will provide critically important teaching and training to prepare missionaries and pastors around the world for cross-cultural ministry.

Our training programs help ensure that these Christian workers will be more resilient in the face of cross-cultural differences and challenges, while also ensuring that they are more relevant, skillful, and culturally sensitive toward the people groups among whom they live and serve. Additionally, our teaching and training provides an essential element for the spiritual and emotional health of the intercultural Christian worker.

Here’s a brief update on recent ministry activities and some of what lies ahead:

  • In August, I taught a doctoral seminar on “Anthropology for Mission and Evangelism” at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School in Chicago to 10 doctoral students from eight different countries around the world.
  • Baker Publishing Company approached me in June to publish the book I’m currently writing, “Crossing Cultural Boundaries with the Gospel,” and I am under contract to finish the manuscript by their deadline of February 28th.
  • March 23rd–25th, 2018 I will be conducting a retreat for intercultural studies students at Lee University in preparation for their summer mission internships.
  • Details are being finalized for a training seminar to be held in Nagaland, India in 2018.

Please also see the information below featuring two upcoming teaching and training events in Cuba and China which we are currently promoting. Please pray for these events and consider giving financial support to help cover program expenses.


February 25 – March 16, 2018
Support Needed: $7,500

We will be teaching on “Theological and biblical foundations for urban and transcultural missions” to 90 participants in three seminaries in Cuba. Participants will include seminary students and faculty, mission board members, and Methodist and Baptist denominational leaders.

While each of the 90 participants will cover their own transportation costs, we need to raise $7,500 for participant scholarships and other program-related expenses.


April 25 – May 15, 2018
Support Needed: $5,000

We will be training 40 Chinese missionaries and missionary candidates for serving inside and beyond China. This is the beginning of a long-term relationship of training Chinese trainers for intercultural ministry. There is a lot of zeal and enthusiasm among Chinese Christians for mission, but very little training that prepares them for living and ministering among people in a culture different from their own.

The majority of the expense for the training programs will be covered by our Chinese hosts, but we need to raise $5,000 for additional program-related costs and transportation.

Thank you for your enthusiasm, prayers, and generosity for the important work and ministry of Global Development.

Darrell Whiteman